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MProNews is made for everyone who’s passionate about meditation AND wants to be aware of the forces shaping today’s Meditation movement.

We call these brave people: ‘Meditation Citizens’

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Citizens Unite..!

We started MProNews because there’s a LOT of good People, Trends and Ideas shaping the World of Meditation.

Sadly, there’s some bad (and ugly) stuff as well…

But, if you care about Meditation and its role in global society, then let’s explore it… together..!

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Every week, we review thousands of meditation news stories by continually tracking 500+ sources in over 30 countries… 

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We truly LOVE to discover and share news that’s insightful, thought-provoking, and helpful to the meditation community. 

BUT… unlike other other websites that make money by selling you to advertisers, we charge a small membership fee to maintain a clean, agenda-free environment.

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A 360° View

  • Get notified when the latest meditation-based clinical studies are published.
  • See the latest ways in which Meditation is improving classrooms and corporations.
  • Connect with Opinions & Analysis from experts like Jon Kabat-Zinn, Sharon Salzberg and Tara Brach.

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Bypass the sea of ‘Meditation for Beginners’ articles aimed at the general public. 

We only focus on the news that speaks directly to the heart of today’s global meditation movement.

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Are you serious about Meditation..?
Is Meditation part of your job or career..?
Do you want to be an informed Meditation Citizen..?

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Our Mission

MProNews is dedicated to building a global community of Meditation Citizens who are informed and engaged within the World of Meditation