Our Mission

We Empower Meditation Professionals with Quality News & Information…


At the start of 2018, a small group of technology & media professionals with a passion for meditation came together to manifest a unique idea…  To launch a news-gathering service focused exclusively on helping meditation teachers, researchers, evangelists and business owners.
As meditation permeates global society, and as meditation evolves from a set of niche communities into a multi-billion dollar economy, there’s an increasing need to dive within the ocean of ‘noise’ (and outright propaganda) to pull out quality news & information that’s accurate, educational, actionable and truly enlightening.
MeditationProNews is dedicated to the mission of keeping you informed about the business and global culture of Meditation.  We also focus on cultivating a community of like-minded individuals who come together to exchange ideas and connect with each other.
By creating a platform that curates the best articles, videos, job listings, industry announcements, social postings, et. al. from meditation thought-leaders, organizations, companies and world-class media sources, we do the legwork (and a lot of ‘mind-work’) to forward the cause for all Meditation Professionals.
So… If meditation is part of your business, research or passion, then JOIN US