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Members can login anytime via our Login Page.

You can also login using the “Sign In” link in the Navigation Menu

Logged-in members can logout from anypage by accessing your My Account menu at the top-right of the Navigation Menu.

You can also logout from your My Account page.


The Navigation Bar provides access to the website’s major sections:


When signed-in, members are directed to the MEMBER’S HOME page where they can quickly access members-only website features/functions (see next section for details).  When logged-out, guests are directed to the MProNews homepage.


This menu is only available to signed-in members.  When signed-in, members can access the NEWS DASHBOARD (see next section for details). 


Our company blog containing public information such as Status Updates, Curation Reports, our “Top News” videos, and Letters From The Publisher.


Public access to our Getting Started guide (this section) and Frequently Asked Questions (‘FAQs’)

About Us

An introduction of the people/ideas behind MProNews as well as a way to Contact Us.

My Account

A user-specific menu that allows you to Sign In / Sign Out and to access your Account page.

HOME is where you can quickly access members-only features/functions. 

(PIX – DashBoard)

The Dashboard is divided into four major sections:

The Marquee

Rotating display of your membership status, service announcements and featured articles/news that may be of interest.

What’s Popular

A list of the top news articles as determined by the MProNews community.

Quick Links: TAGS

A list of tags by popularity


Direct links to the news by specific category

The News DashBoard is where you can access all content curated by the MProNews editorial team.  You can learn more in the ‘Exploring NEWS’ section below.

We consider the MProNews BLOG an important part in making our news service as open and transparent as possible.  So, we make the articles we curate publicly available through regularly published Curation Reports.  We also highlight important news and events through our ‘Top News of the Week’ videos.  Lastly, we ask all Meditation Citizens (both members and non-members) to voice their opinions on the latest hot topics through our Mindful Activism series.


The My Account page is where you can access and edit information about your MProNews membership. 

(PIX – MyAccount Page)

Membership information is divided into four sub-sections:

Home / Profile

View/Edit your profile information. You can also change your password using the Change Password option at the bottom of the page 


View/Edit your current subscription level.  You can also cancel your membership by clicking on the ‘Cancel’ option.


Displays a history of your recent payments by invoice ID.


Click this option to Sign Out of MProNews

Exploring NEWS

Click on any topic for details

The News DashBoard is where you can access all content curated by the MProNews editorial team.  You can learn more in the ‘Exploring NEWS’ section below — But majors sub-sections are identified below:


Summary Card(s)

Every news article is represented by a Summary Card which allows you to interact quickly and easily with the news.  Using the Summary Card, you can perform powerful functions – including bookmarking/favoriting an article, accessing a Quick Peek, or going directly to the full article on the web.

Learn all about Summary Cards in the ‘SUMMARY CARDS’ section below.

Search Filter

MProNews provides a power-panel to filter the news by Category, Tag, Publisher, Date Range and other criteria.

Sorting Preference

By default, Summary Cards are listed in chronological order with the latest news first.  Use this option to change the sorting order to Earliest First, sort by A-Z or other criteria.

Pages Menu

By default, only 18 Summary Cards are listed per page.  If your current filter contains more than 18 results, this menu will appear at the bottom of each page.

If you want to browse the news within a specific category, you can easily do that by first clicking on the ‘Search Filter’ option at the top of the NEWS DashBoard.



Once clicked, the Category menu will appear. 

Click on the category you wish to explore and (if neccessary) close the Category Menu to continue browsing.

With the Power Filter, you also have an unlimited ability to filter news according to your preferences.  You can filter by one criteria only or use multiple filters to be as specific as you want.

To access the Power Filter,

First click on the ‘Search Filter’ option at the top of the NEWS DashBoard.

Once clicked, the Category menu will appear.  Click on the ‘Filter’ tab to access the Filter Panel.

Each filtering option is explained below:

Keyword Search

Searches the text of all articles by whatevery keyword(s) you supply.

Article Date

Returns all articles published between Starting (From…) Date and Ending (To…) Date.  By Default, the Ending (To…) Date is Today’s date.


Similar to the Category Filter, selects only articles that match the Category you select.


Selects only articles from a specific publisher.  If you don’t know the exact name of the publsiher, you can type a partial match and select from available publishers presented to you

(PIX – Publisher select in action)

Reading Time

Use the slider to only select articles that fall within a specific reading range. 

Country / Region

Select only articles published from a specific country/region.

Summary Cards provide an ‘at-a-glance’ view of all curated news articles.

Every Summary Card contains the following key information:

  • Article Title
  • Publisher / Country
  • Date Published
  • Estimated Reading Time
  • Article Category

Also, each Summary Card enables you to do the following:

QuickView (Desktop only)

Displays a pop-up window showing additional article details

Bookmark / Favorite

Saves article to your personal Bookmarks/Favorites list

‘Rocket’ Button

Takes you directly to full article at the original publisher’s website.

Clicking on a Summary Card takes you to the Article Details page and reveals an additional level of information about the news article.

Each Article Details page has a range of sub-sections:

Quick Summary

If you want “just the basics” about any news article, our editors provide a 1-2 sentence Quick Summary that relays all the essential information you need, and nothing more.

Article Excerpt

With images and text extracted from the actual article, the Excerpt conveys the tone and ‘feel’ of the article and gives you the option of reading the entire article at the publisher’s website.

Article Stats

Includes key informat such as: Publisher, Date Published and Estimated Reading Time.

Categories / Tags / Region

If you’re looking for similar articles to explore/read, these buttons will take you back to the NEWS DashBoard and display all articles that match your specific category, tag or region.

In addition to classifying each news article by Category and geographic Country/Region, every article curated into MProNews is tagged by meditation-specific keywords.  We currently assign tags in three major areas:


Every PERSON tag represents someone who is relevant to Meditation.  This includes historical figures (The Buddha, Dogen, Alan Watts) as well as current personalities (meditation teachers, researchers, authors, etc.)


Every PLACES tag represents either a meditation destination (meditation studio/retreat/research center) or a meditation-related company or organization (Headspace, David Lynch Foundation, etc.)


TOPICS tags represent any news-worthy ideas, concepts or ‘memes’ that connect one or more news stories.