General FAQs

MeditationProNews (“MProNews”) is a global community of Meditation Citizens who are aware, informed and engaged in the World of Meditation…

We focus exclusively on servicing the information needs of people, companies and organizations who are serious about promoting a positive future for meditation.

We provide a space where Meditation Citizens can learn about and engage with the latest news & events that affect the World of Meditation.

Every week, our group of editors analyze thousands of meditation-related articles to hand-pick the absolute best news from around the globe.  We then organize and provide commentary to help you digest the news quickly and efficiently.

As a member, you’ll also have tools to help you share, promote, discuss and connect with the People, Places, Trends and Ideas that resonate with you…

A Meditation Citizen is a person who is passionate about meditation and wants to actively discuss / participate in it’s evolution.

You may be a meditation teacher or researcher.  You might be someone who writes about meditation, or you may advocate for meditation in your workplace, school or community…

Either way, Meditation NEEDS Meditation Citizens to become active and engaged to help shape its future in a positive way.

We deeply believe that news & information is “food for the brain”. To extend this analogy, we scour the “global news supermarket” to gather a selection of high-quality news related to the Meditation Economy that keeps your mind nourished and well-fed.

As good nutrition leads to optimal physical health, we believe that quality news & information leads to healthy decisions and – in our case – better meditation products, services, careers and businesses.

We also connect you with like-minded Meditation Citizens who share your passion to see Meditation grow in a healthy, wholesome manner.

YES..!  MProNews provides a form of meditation called Contemplative Reading.

This form of meditation is still present in religious studies and (until recently) the act of reading the news was a popular practice among adults who wanted to be aware of the world around them.

As a form of Contemplative Reading, MProNews makes it easy (and enjoyable) to be aware of the World of Meditation by connecting you with quality articles that you WANT to read, while weeding out those that provide little or no value.

News FAQs

We go to great lengths to filter out marketing-based junk-food (aka “fake news”) and information that’s actually advertising in disguise. This is done with actual people (vs. artificial “bots”).

As a subscriber, you can always be assured that the news on MeditationProNews is timely, relevant, of the highest quality and free of marketing-based “fillers”.

Yes, we do collect a lot of information from other sources, but the key to our service is only selecting (and organizing) the BEST information about the world of Meditation – saving you lots of time and frustration.

We also point you to the most relevant, “must-know” information in our newsletters and videos. Finally, we produce Special Reports at least once a month to dive deep within the Culture and Business of Meditation.

We gather news from the following sources:

  • Mainstream news and media networks
    (ex: NBC, The New York Times, BBC, The Washington Post, The Hindustan Times, The Australian, The Guardian, The LA Times, FOXNews, PBS/NBR, …)
  • Established meditation centers & studios
    (ex: UMass Center for Mindfulness, UCSD Center for Mindfulness, Spirit Rock, The Garrison Institute, …)
  • Major meditation companies & organizations
    (Headspace, Insight Timer, David Lynch Foundation/, MUSE, American Meditation Society, …)
  • Top meditation magazines & blogs
    (ex: Mindful, Lion’s Roar, Tricycle, Elephant Journal, MindBodyGreen, …)
  • Blogs and social media channels of notable meditation professionals
    (ex: John Cabot Zen Sharon Salzberg, Jack Kornfield, Sadhguru, Deepak Chopra, Tara Brach, …)

As of October, 2018 we track over 510 news sources in 30 countries.

We provide Summary Cards and Excerpts to help you quickly decide whether or not an article is worth exploring further. If you find a particular summary/excerpt interesting, we highly encourage you to explore further by reading the full article.

Also… athough we try to supply information about each article in the smallest amount of space/time, there will often be vital information in the full article that is not present in the Summary.

Absolutely Not… We do use automated systems to monitor news sources and to gather raw news articles. But unlike major news aggregators like Facebook or Google News, every article that’s curated into our news service is hand-picked, discussed and approved by our Editorial team.

Yes… This is where our service really shines. Major online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. rely on artificial intelligence (“AI”) to identify fake news – often with disappointing results.

Our editorial team has extensive experience not only in meditation, but in technology, publishing and online news-media. Through our collaboration, articles that contain “fake news” or concealed ads are quickly filtered out.

To use an analogy, our team are ‘gardeners’ that constantly remove unwanted ‘weeds’ and parasites from the news-stream. What remains is Top-Quality meditation news that’s relevant and nourishing to all Meditation Citizens.

On an weekly basis, we create videos that identify the latest must-know themes and topics within the world of Meditation.

On a monthly basis, we also produce Special Reports that dive deep into specific topics that are of interest to Meditation Citizens.

Subscription & Billing FAQs

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No… At this time, we only offer our ‘50% Off Forever’ discount offer.

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In the meantime, please Contact Us if you wish to send a gift subscription.

Yes… We offer 20% discounts for groups of five our more subscribers.  Basically, the fifth subscription is free.

Being able to sign up multiple users at checkout is a feature that will be released in the near future. 

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You will be billed monthly on the day you first signed up. Upon each renewal, you’ll receive a confirmation receipt via email.

Yes… Simply choose PayPal during the checkout process.

Unfortunately, we do not accept payment by check or invoice at this time.

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