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“We are thrilled to provide Headspace as the mental training tool to some of the world’s greatest athletes, helping them to achieve their performance goals, support their overall health and happiness”

— Lindsay Shaffer, Head of Sports and Fitness at Headspace

April 20, 2019

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Kalu Ali, Publisher

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A Global Guru...

(Read Time: 4-mins) Pack your bags and grab your passport..!

It’s time to follow the week-long agenda of Somatic Coaching expert Rene Roseburg as he attends a Luxury Hospitality Group conference in Amsterdam.

He then jets to Singapore to provide 1-on-1 coaching to staff at the Sanchaya hotel in Singapore…


(Read Time: 2-mins) MABT, or Mindful Awareness in Body-oriented Therapy is a new member of the Mindfulness-based therapy family.

MABT teaches interoceptive awareness (another Vocab word) to help facilitate self-awareness and emotion regulation.

With it’s emphasis on the awareness of bodily sensations, MABT seems to be VERY useful as a method to treat substance-abuse…

M = A + T + H

(Read Time: 4-mins) As a lead-up to the American Meditation Institute’s 11th annual Mind/Body CME Conference, the organization is touting a new mathematical ‘equation’ that – according to founder Leonard Perlmutter – is as groundbreaking as Einstein’s Law of Relativity (E=mc2)…

The equation is: D = E + W + C, which means: “Every DESIRE is composed of three basic components: healing ENERGY, WILL POWER and CREATIVITY (or CONSCIOUSNESS)”

Honestly, I’m a bit skeptical about this ‘equation’ which has no scientific way to verify its accuracy. But, it is a nice ‘hook’ to promote/market the conference..!

The Pen
(and a clear mind)
Is Mightier Than the Sword

(Read Time: 3-mins) The Philadelphia School District’s internal news service (“The NoteBook”) features a story on Mighty Writers, a non-profit that offers free writing programs to children throughout Philadelphia and Camden, New Jersey.

Is Meditation a Commodity..?

(Read Time: 7-mins) Overall, this article appears to be a teaser for David Forbes’ recently released book, Mindfulness and Its Discontents.

Regardless, the article hits directly at the heart of today’s ‘McMindfulness’ frenzy and warns against those who are converting the tools of enlightenment into just another capitalistic commodity…

Only Pressure Can Make A Diamond...

(Read Time: 6-mins) Biet Simkin has had a rough life..! But somehow, she has turned her experience into a meditative philosophy called The Fourth Way, that uses negative experiences as a catharsis for personal growth and enlightenment.

In this (short) interview with Refinery29, Biet exudes positivity and hard-gained wisdom as she talks about her upcoming book: Don’t Just Sit There!: 44 Insights to Get Your Meditation Practice Off the Cushion and Into the Real World.

Separation Anxiety...

(Read Time: 5-mins) The Day of Judgement is nigh…! But it’s apparent that the UK has NO idea how to make a smooth break from the EU…

Through this turmoil, people like Birmingham City University lecturer Rebecca Semmens-Wheeler have hosted Brexit-themed meditation sessions to help calm nerves and reduce anxiety among citizens on both sides of the channel…

Join a Good Cause..!

(Read Time: 9-mins) Bodhipaksa is looking for a few good minds..!

In this recent blog post, longtime Buddhist teacher and Wildmind Meditation website owner Bodhipaksa is officially transforming the site into a Community-Supported Meditation Initiative. At $4/month (per share), the goal is to reach a total pledge of $6,000/month to fund ongoing operations and new content.

With the promise of new courses, newsletters and a private online discussion forum, the new looks to be exciting..!

VOCAB ALERT: "Interoception"

(Read Time: 10-mins) “Interoception” and “Exteroception”… Put both in your mental dictionary, because they are the new meditative buzzwords of 2019…

Simply put, if Exteroception is perceiving the outside world through your normal senses (sight, hearing, touch, etc…) then Interoception is the perception of phenomena within our bodies – such as your beating heart and a growling stomach.

In this EXCELLENT article by the UK Telegraph, several pioneers in this new field of study are interviewed – including Manos Tsakiris, author of the 2018 book The Interoceptive Mind.


(Read Time: 5-mins) Calm may be the billion-dollar unicorn, but Andy and the guys at Headspace aren’t out of the fight yet..!

As a follow-up to its partnership with the NBA and UCLA athletics, Headspace lands a partnership with the U.S. Soccer association and Major League Soccer to distribute its app to players and team staff…

A Parting Thought

“All the evidence suggests that people who have better interoceptive awareness have better emotional awareness and fewer body image concerns,”

— Manos Tsakiris, Psychology professor and author of The Interoceptive Mind.