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“I’ve often been astonished by the grace with which Chelsea Clinton and Cory Booker in particular deal with critics. They’re invariably kind.

If there are more people like that, please let me know. I want to drink in and fill myself with their positivity.”
— Bodhipaksa
(Article #2)

March 30, 2019

This Week’s Highlights:

  • When's the last time you've meditated at the museum..?
  • Kevin Love & Goldie Hawn: Champions of Meditation...
  • The REAL reason why you procrastinate...
  • What would Bodhipaksa think about MProNews..?

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Kalu Ali, Publisher

-- This Week's Top10 --

#10 : And The Award Goes To...

Kevin Love – NBA player and all-around Good Guy – will be honored at Carnegie Hall (NYC) in May for his foundation’s work in raising awareness about mental health issues…

He’ll be accompanied by honoree Goldie Hawn (another everyday angel) who’s receiving her award for her work with the mindfulness nonprofit MindUP.

#9 : Feel The Music,
Be The Music...

Sound Bath enthusiasts take note..! Today, there are many musicians like Sigur Ros who create pieces that are meant to be ‘felt’ as well as heard. But before them all, there was Pauline Oliveros.

Pauline was a music pioneer who coined the term ‘Deep Listening’ and sonic awareness – a way of experiencing music  which relied on improvisation and “the ability to consciously focus attention upon environmental and musical sound”.

If you want to learn more, checkout her Wikipedia page as well as this article by Pitchform magazine that focuses on modern-day festivals that carry on her legacy…

#8 : I Wonder if
Thich Nhat Hanh
Ever Did This..?

Ahhh… The joy of walking slowly and mindfully through a quiet, climate-controlled space filled with beauty and wonder…

During my childhood years, that space was often my local library… But nowadays, art museums are my go-to destination for meditative meanderings when the Mother Nature is in one of her ‘moods’…

So, as this article from The Art Newspaper suggests, take a hint from the Slow Food movement and enjoy a day of Slow Art sometime soon…

#7 : Judgement Day..!

In an earlier newsletter, I highlighted the legal battle between the Mediation Center of Alabama and the City of Mobile, AL. According to center owner Sivaport Nimityongskul, the city is playing (religious) favorites by granting residential zoning permits to Christian churches while denying one to his meditation center.

At the heart of the matter is whether the Thai Meditation Center qualifies as a religious non-profit, which would allow Mr. Nimityongskul to move his center into the neighborhood.

Well… Mr. Nimityongskul has had its day in federal court, and things aren’t looking good for our hero…! Read on for details…

#6 : Save Our Children
(From Buddhism..?)

It’s unfortunate to read such a negative article from the ACLJ equating mindfulness in the classroom to Buddhist indoctrination.

Some of the points made within the article are fair — especially how meditation and mindfulness could lead students to experience pain and negative thoughts.

IMHO, these negative outcomes don’t come from ‘Buddhist indoctrination’. Rather, they arise from bad teaching techniques and “tunnel-vision teachers” — a situation that’s present in ALL teaching subjects.

Regardless, its good to understand what others are thinking (however illogical) to help move the conversation further…

#5 : A New Take
On An Old Habit...

On the surface, this article from the NYTimes seems shallow – almost “fluffy”…

But dig inside and you’ll get your mind blown as several researchers conclude that procrastination has nothing to do with a lack of time management skills.

Rather, your procrastination is a hard-wired reaction to the negative (and often subconscious) emotions that you’re feeling in the moment…

So… guess what the researchers suggest to save the day (and your sanity)..?

#4 : Meditation Is NOT A Cure-All

Rande Brown, licensed social worker and board member of the William Alanson White Psychoanalytic Society shares a personal story to illustrate how – in her case – meditation was only a bandage while psychotherapy was the cure…

It’s important to note that her story – and especially her interaction with a renowned Zen teacher – shows how ANY meditation teacher can cause harm and suffering by blindly following the doctrine of what they ‘think’ is right…

#3 : A Bitter After-Taste

Last year, Bloomberg reporter Ellen Huet wrote an explosive expose on OneTaste, a company that marketed an experience called ‘orgasmic meditation’.

The allegations (prostitution and cult-like practices) documented in the article were instrumental in forcing the company to stop operating within the U.S.

As a follow-up to that story, Ms. Huet sits down for a video interview and takes you through unusual mentality that permeated the OneTaste phenomena…

#2 : Digital Addiction,
And How to Avoid It...

I have to admit, when I started reading this article about news and social media addiction, I felt a little fear and trepidation.

I asked myself, “What would the esteemed Bodhipaksa think about my precious newsletter..?” (Yikes..!!)

However, ‘Bodhi’ provides a few suggestions to help navigate the massive negativity that’s being beamed directly to our TVs and computer screens — and Step #3 (Improving my Following Habits) is what MProNews is all about. (Whew.!!)

#1 : Don't Be a Guinea Pig...

CAVEAT EMPTOR… A new study published in Nature Digital Science takes a look at mental health apps and discovers that many app developers use scientific language as the core of its marketing message, but many of the claims are NOT backed up by high-quality evidence.

The study’s author, John Torous, talks to CBS/MarketWatch to explain that by using these apps “…you’re becoming an inadvertent research subject”.

A Parting Thought

“Exercise, prayer, and meditation are examples of calming rituals. They have been shown to induce a happier mood and provide a positive pathway through life’s daily frustrations”

— Chuck Norris


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