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“Demons don’t care what you chant, as long as you open the door to them… They don’t care if you are in peace, harmony, have energy or in great shape as long as you give them access.”

— Pastor John Lindell
(Article #2)

March 23, 2019

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Kalu Ali, Publisher

-- This Week's Top10 --

#10 : How To Tame Your 'Puppy Mind'

Your heart will absolutely MELT when you see these kids explaining why meditation is so important to them…

Kudos go out to Andrew Nance who teaches meditation and mindfulness to kindergarten students throughout the San Francisco, CA area…

#9 : Let's Go To Sleep
by Staying Up All Night

Yeah… Staying up all night to listen to a YouTube sleep meditation track (while chatting online with friends) is really a thing these days..

If you’re not in the loop of this trend, then checkout this article featuring the Vortex live streaming channel with over 1.2 Million followers…

#8 : Next Stop, PhD..!

The University of the Fraser Valley will be the first in Canada to offer a for-credit, graduate program in mindfulness-based teaching and learning (MBTL)…

#7 : Postcards From (Writer's) Camp

Often, the gravitas of the “Big Three” mega-centers of meditation (Omega, Spirit Rock and Insight Meditation Society) can be intimidating to the average person…

That’s why I really like this article by Orion Magazine highlighting an upcoming writer’s workshop program to be held at the Omega Institute.

It’s basically an advertisement to get writers to apply (there’s no fee, but you must get selected to attend) but the actual article explodes with beautiful descriptions (and images) of life at Omega’s Hudson Valley campus.

#6 : A Walking Meditation Mecca

Years ago, my wife and I had the joy of walking through Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s ‘The Gates’ art installation in NYC’s Central Park

Today, you can capture a similar meditative vibe by visiting Bawabat – a meditation center near Cairo, Egypt.

Bawabat – which is Arabic for “gateways” – provides a tranquil oasis and an assortment of antique gateways across 15 acres that’s a paradise for walking meditators worldwide…

#5 : Help Wanted... Now..!

Opportunity Knocks..!! Meditation app giant Insight Timer is looking for a (full-time) Junior Publishing Assistant in Sydney, Australia…

#4 : Do The Right Thing
For All The Wrong Reasons

Coinciding with college basketball’s ‘March Madness’ tournament, Mashable and Muse are heavily promoting the idea of ‘March Mindfulness’ by hosting a bracket-based competitive meditation tournament of their own…

IMHO, this goes next to Michelob and The Big Quiet’s beer-infused sunset meditation event as evidence of the Meditation Apocalypse…!

#3 : At A Critical Moment...

Tricycle contributor and Spirit Rock community leader Jill Satterfield shares a poignant tale of being robbed at knifepoint — and how her mindfulness training (and not carrying a cellphone) saved the day…

#2 : Good Cop / Bad Cop

Sorry Yoga, but you’re the gateway to demonic possession…!

Well, that’s the way that some Christian leaders – including mega-church pastor John Lindell argues in this article by the Christian Broadcast Network.

Luckily, meditation gets a pass in this article – as long as you’re focused exclusively on scriptures..!

#1 : His Holiness Speaks

Rasmus Hougaard, managing partner at the Potential Project, had a chance to interview the Dalai Lama about mindful leadership in the corporate world…

His interview is published in the Harvard Business Review, but a quick summary (in his own words) is captured here in Forbes magazine…

A Parting Thought

“Even before smart phones and the Internet, we had many ways to distract our selves. Now that’s compounded by a factor of trillions.”

– Jon Kabat-Zinn