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Quote of the Week

“…mindfulness is not something we have to obtain from somewhere.

It is an innate quality — part of being human.

— Andy Puddicombe
(Article #2)

March 16, 2019

This Week’s Highlights:

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-- This Week's Top10 --

#10 : Walk Like A Buddha

As part of it’s Meditation Month, Tricycle magazine publishes excerpts from the book Walking Meditation (by Nguyen Anh-Huong and Thich Nhat Hanh) to give tips on how to perform walking meditations in public – without looking weird in the process…

#9 : A Whole Lot of Nothing

With a toungue-in-cheek attitude, Two guys started a Kickstarte page for (get this) a vinyl record of SILENCE… Yep, that’s right… No music, no narration, no nothing… just 40 minutes of pure silence.

Luckily, the guys are upfront by stating, “…this (product) does not require a record player to be fully enjoyed. Technically, it doesn’t even require this record.”

#8 : MLB = Mindful League Baseball

The Washington Post profiles the Seattle Mariners as they implement meditation, mindfulness – and few really “off the wall” techniques – to create a “high performance” baseball spring training camp…

#7 : Watch Out Spotify…!

Calling all Calm app subscribers… Enjoy exclusive access to Moby’s newest album “Long Ambients 2” on the app for the next 30 days…

#6 : WTF..?!?

Hmmm… Let’s file this Competitive Meditation primer under “Doing the right thing for ALL the wrong reasons…”

But, we gotta admit that Muse has a catchy gimmick to get people wearing their headbands…

#5 : The Mindful Candidate

Dare we hope that U.S. Congressman Tim Ryan – a longtime champion of meditation – will run for president in 2020..? Read this article by The Atlantic and make your own conclusion..!

#4 : In One Ear / Out The Other…

A trio of today’s leaders within the Corporate Mindfulness field argue that companies are spending $160Billion a year in corporate training but getting meager returns because employees simply aren’t paying attention…

#3 : The OTHER side of
Meditating in Myanmar

A bittersweet story… Voice of America news reports on Rohingya refugee women who practice meditation, yog and art therapy to help cope with the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Myanmar…

(We wonder if Jack Dorsey met any of them during his Vipassana retreat…)

#2 : Hey Boston – Let’s Meditate..!

Call it a “unicorn hangover”, but Headspace HAD to respond to Calm’s latest headline-grabbing news…

So today, Andy Puddicombe, the man (and voice) behind Headspace, personally records a 4-minute meditation for Bostonians and adds a sweet personal op-ed in the Boston Globe to boot..!

#1 : Silence (and Beer) Is Golden…

SXSW is officially over… But 2,000 people participated in a mass meditation on Sunday evening as part of the Pure Golden Hour, a collaboration between Michelob Ultra Pure Gold and NYC-based The Big Quiet….

A Parting Thought

“I’ve always said that lovingkindness and compassion are inevitably woven throughout meditation practice even if the words are never used or implied, no matter what technique or method we are using.”

– Sharon Salzberg