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Article of the Week

A Sangha in Sepia...

Just in time for Black History Month (in the USA), we present this stirring group dialogue among several top Buddhists teachers who are equally inspired by their African-American heritage…

Throughout the conversation, every question – and answer – is infused with heartfelt issues of race and identity – both within society and within the Buddhist community.

So, we at MProNews salute Ruth King, Lama Rod Owens, Dr. Kamilah Majied and the myriad of other voices that contributed to this ‘special transmission’..!

At the first-ever gathering of Buddhist teachers of black African descent, held at New York’s Union Theological Seminary, two panels of leading Buddhist teachers took questions about what it means to be a black Buddhist in America today.

Contemplate... Discuss... Act..!

After reading this article, engage with the World of Meditation by doing the following:


  • Have you ever met a Black Buddhist..?
  • How often do you meditate or share mindful moments with people of a different race or culture..?
  • If you meditate in a group/community, then how diverse is that group..?
  • Do you believe that meditation should ALWAYS be performed a certain way..? What if you see someone meditating differently..?


  • Recount a moment when you witnessed, or participated in, racial hatred or discrimination..? What role did you take (perpetrator, target or by-stander) and what was the result..?


  • Make an effort to meditate with someone(s) who comes from a different background, culture or country than you.
  • If you participate in a meditation community, determine how people of color are represented in your group and whether this representation can be expanded.

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