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Thought for the Day

Do You Need
(Or Even Want)
a Boost..?

“MUI” or “meditating under the influence”, is becoming VERY popular, with CBD as the leading drug to “assist” the meditative process.

So, Tryicycle attends a few classes and calls upon Buddhist experts to determine if CBD is a tool or a trick…

Contemplate... Discuss... Act..!

Engage in the World of Meditation by reading this article and doing the following:


  • Have you ever tried to meditate while under the influence of a psychoactive drug..?
  • Do you consider 'meditating under the influence' ("MUI") a positive or negative influence for meditators..?
  • Did your opinion change after reading about the historical use of cannabis by Buddhist monks..?


  • Share any experiences you've had meditating while under the influence of CBD, cannabis, or other drugs..?
  • Would you recommend or dissuade other meditators from a MUI session or ongoing MUI practice...?


  • If your state's law allow it, try a meditation session using CBD oil. to see how it affects your practice.
  • Do a MUI session by yourself and then attend a group MUI session. What were the benefits/pitfalls of each..?

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