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Thought for the Day

Mindfulness is NOT
a cure-all...

In this article by NPR affiliate KQED (San Francisco, CA), clinical psychologist Sam Himelstein explains what we at MProNews have been SHOUTING for months…

That mindfulness teachers (in the classroom and in general) need to be cautious before using mindfulness to “cure” every situation…

Contemplate... Discuss... Act..!

After reading the above article, engage in the World of Meditation by doing the following:


  • Did you have to cope with trauma as a child or teenager..? How did that affect your life/work at school..?
  • Should mindfulness be taught to at-risk youths at school..?
  • Would YOU want to teach meditation/mindfulness to at-risk youths at school..?
  • Do you believe that meditation should ALWAYS be performed a certain way..? What if you see someone meditating differently..?


  • Share a moment when meditation/mindfulness helped you through a traumatic moment at school.


  • Identify a student (maybe yourself) that's using meditation to cope for trauma, stress or anger. Discuss whether it's working as well as the option of seeking support from a qualified medical professional.

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