I heard the news today, Oh Boy..!

About a lucky man who made the grade...

And though the news was rather sad...

Well, I just had to laugh..!

"A Day In the Life" by The Beatles

Jack Dorsey's 'Insightful' Vacation

By: Kalu Ali, Publisher

Today, I woke up… Fell out of bed… dragged myself to the computer and was greeted by a series of articles (and tweets) vilifying Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

What was his “crime” you ask..?

Well… that needs a bit of background.

Jack went to a Vipassana (Insight Meditation) center for a 10-day silent retreat. He did it to celebrate his 42nd birthday.

Upon returning (this past weekend), he enthusiastically (and extensively) shared his experience on Twitter, including pictures of his spartan sleeping quarters as well as the monks and nuns he attended to during his stay.

But what caught the eye of many people was WHERE Jack stayed – the Dhamma Mahimã Vipassana Center in Mandalay, Myanmar.

Almost immediately, Twitter users erupted with fury – pointing out the irony of how Jack’s “lovely Buddhist experience” was in a country who’s Buddhist-majority government has waged a 20-year genocide movement against its Muslim-minority citizens.

Many accused Mr. Dorsey of being ‘tone-deaf’ and ignorant to the fact that Twitter and Facebook has helped fuel these massacres by allowing hate-speech to flourish on its platforms.

To top off the spectacle, TechCrunch – an influential Sillicon Valley news site – ran a story juxtaposing Jack’s tweets with bone-chilling quotes from other news articles describing the government-sanctioned torture, rape and killing of its Muslim minorities.

I do feel some compassion for Mr. Dorsey (hey, when you’re that rich & famous, haters gonna target your EVERY move…)

But we at MProNews do find it VERY odd that Jack felt compelled to put his meditation practice “on blast” to the Twitterverse…

(And comical that he didn’t forsee this type of response…)

Neverthless, if you want to learn more, check out these articles to get a fuller picture of the story.

Until we meet again…


  – @Kalu Ali, Publisher